Corporate gift baskets ideas
A gift basket is usually a very good way to show your appreciation to someone without spending an ungodly amount of money. More people are opting for corporate gift baskets made up of gourmet foods. There is a lot of interaction between people in a work setting. Some corporate gift ideas a person has the option of using are as follows:
For your boss
Most people like appreciating their boss with gifts from time to time. Nothing does this better than a gift basket. If your boss is a man, you could design a gift basket to contain gourmet sauces, relishes, gourmet savories and some dessert sauces. Some male bosses also tend to like fruits so you could include a fruit Pâté and/or pure fruit jam with liqueur. Female bosses tend to like desserts so be sure to include dessert sauces in the gift basket. Also, if your boss is diabetic, make sure that the pure fruit jams included are diabetic jams.
A food basket shows a person that they are appreciated and that you care for their health and well-being. It is sure to put a smile on their face.
For a co-worker
It is important give gifts to your co-workers. This is because you interact with them more than with the senior management. A few things you could include in corporate gift baskets for your co-workers could be mustards, infused oils, pure fruit jams and some relishes. It would not hurt to add a few gift boxes depending on whether the recipient is male or female. A female co-worker would really appreciate dessert sauces. Include vinaigrette and/or pure fruit jams with liqueur in a man’s gift basket. In this case, make sure you know the health condition of the recipient. If he is suffering from diabetes, best to opt for diabetic jams because they will not be able to use other types.

For a junior staff member
Most people do not appreciate people that rank lower than them in the corporate ladder. If you want to make a junior staff member’s day, a gift baskets nz would be just the thing. Some corporate gift ideas you can use when creating such a gift basket will depend on the gender of the recipient. In the case of a man, you could go for chutneys, dukkah, relishes, infused oils and vinaigrette. A lady would really appreciate gift boxes, fruit pâté, sauce/oil sets and a few gourmet savories. The recipient will forever be grateful for such a thoughtful gesture.
In a nutshell, a gift basket is the way to go if you are looking to leave a lasting impression in a person’s mind.

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